Project Management Services

  • Assist salesman with all aspects of the project.
    • Making sure art is approved
    • Making sure contract is signed
    • Making sure deposit is paid (if required)
  • After job is sold:
    • Survey work order if not provided for sell and artwork
    • Landlord approval
    • Permitting
    • Production (includes contact with Management at Casco for updates and dates of anticipated Uloco, Install, Inspection)
    • Work with purchasing for all purchase orders of materials or sub-contractors needing to be ordered or hired during the job process (make sure all prices, sizes, etc. are correct)
    • Contact with General Contractors (unless issues arise that need Management or Salesman assistance)
    • Underground utilities call in
    • Installation coordination
    • Final inspections

Casco invests in the best people and equipment to provide customers with the easiest turnkey digital signage buying experience.