Project MAnagement: Turnkey Digital Signage

  • Assist salesman with all aspects of the project.
    • Making sure art is approved
    • Making sure contract is signed
    • Making sure deposit is paid (if required)
  • After job is sold:
    • Survey work order if not provided for sell and artwork
    • Landlord approval
    • Permitting
    • Production (includes contact with Management at Casco for updates and dates of anticipated Uloco, Install, Inspection)
    • Work with purchasing for all purchase orders of materials or sub-contractors needing to be ordered or hired during the job process (make sure all prices, sizes, etc. are correct)
    • Contact with General Contractors (unless issues arise that need Management or Salesman assistance)
    • Underground utilities call in
    • Installation coordination
    • Final inspections

Casco invests in the best people and equipment to provide customers with the easiest turnkey digital signage buying experience.


Services And Cranes

Casco Signs has the best installation crews. We use top of the line equipment to install any job from LED digital signage to custom outdoor business signs. We do this to bring the best possible buying experience to our customers possible. We stay up to date with the industry safety standards and all licensing required. We handle all types of installs and if you need help with your install call us today to schedule.



We have a fully dedicated team of individuals that stay up to date with current signage technology to bring you the most advanced service team for all types of signage like LED digital signage or custom outdoor business signs. Call us today to schedule your next service or go to the contact us page and send us a message. Service rates start as low as $95.00/hour plus parts.
Reliable Crane Rental Service

Casco Signs Incorporated in Concord, North Carolina, provides competitively priced crane rental services to assist you with all your lifting and transport needs. We have different types of vehicles for rent.


Services And Cranes

• 2000 Terex™ 136′ 23.5 Ton Crane • 2008 Altec 42′ Bucket Truck • 2007 F150 Pickup Truck
• 2007 Elliot™ 65′ Crane • 2013 Altec 42′ Bucket Truck • 2007 1500 Pickup Truck
• 2013 Altec™ 63′ Crane • 2013 2500 Pickup Truck • 2008 14′ Flat Bed Truck
• 2011 Elliot 43′ Crane (Quantity 2)  • 2007 1500 Pickup Truck


• 1998 25′ Trailer • 2009 16′ Trailer • 2011 16′ Trailer
• 2008 16′ Trailer • 2002 12′ Dump Trailer • 2015 40′ BigTex deckover Trailer

Miscellaneous Equipment

• 2011 Bobcat™ with Auger & Backhoe Attachments • 2010 Ingenex™ 190CFM Air Compressor with 90 lb. Jack Hammer™and Post™ Drive
• 2012 Altec DC1317 Tree Chipper


Whether you need help in lifting trusses for your home or installing your air conditioning unit, we are here to help. Our cranes can reach up to 136 feet and lift up to 23 tons.


With rates as low as $85 per hour, you can request our equipment for other services than just signs. Our packages include an operator and a truck that is supervised by a Casco employee.

Safety & Satisfaction Standards

To meet your standards and preferences, we work closely with you. We have an installation team that is highly competent and up to date with safety equipment knowledge. Our trucks undergo weekly and monthly maintenance schedules as well. We take completion photos and ask for our clients’ signatures to verify a successful installation after every job.