A well-designed quality outdoor sign is a critical element for any business. Casco Signs specializes in manufacturing and installing custom outdoor business signs designed to help your store stand out and draw people inside.

Why Your Outdoor Sign Is So Important
If your business is like most, your outdoor sign often represents the first impression you make upon your potential customers — and as we all know, first impressions are everything. Your sign doesn’t just let people know where you are located; it also says something about your company’s personality. Your sign’s first impression can do one of three things:

  1. A well-designed sign can create a sense of welcome, professionalism, attention to detail, service, and an overall positive attitude
  2. A poorly designed sign can create a sense of laziness, ambivalence, indifference, or distrust
  3. A bland sign can blend in with other signs, making your company basically invisible

As you can see by these three scenarios, your outdoor sign can make the difference between whether a customer decides to give you a try or drive right on by — or indeed, whether the customer even sees you at all.

Obviously, we all want the first scenario for our business — the sign that gets our audience’s attention and encourages them to come into the store. A well-designed custom outdoor business sign sends the message that your company is worth your customers’ time and money.

What Kind of Sign Do You Need?
There is no one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to outdoor business signs. For many retailers, for example, a quality electric sign that proudly displays the company logo is the right way to go. For a law firm, however, that type of sign might unintentionally have the opposite effect of cheapening the company image; that law firm might be better served with a well-manufactured engraved or sand blasted sign that conveys a quieter professional image. The key is to choose a sign that best reflects the nature and personality of your business.

For best results, your outdoor sign should be manufactured and installed by a company backed by customer satisfaction and proven results. To learn more about the benefits custom outdoor business signs that get your company noticed, call the experts at Casco Signs today at 704-788-9055.