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Not content to merely reproduce the work at Southern Strain in Concord, Katlyn and her husband David made plans to level things up for Midwood and approached Casco Signs to assist with production. read more >>

At the intersection of architecture and interior design you’ll find environmental branding. This is where your brand is expressed in real space. read more >>
Acrylic signage is elegant and professional looking and enhances your business’ displays. Durable, lightweight thermoplastic works as a good substitute for glass, which is much more fragile. read more >>

We get asked this question on a daily basis and to accurately quote our clients, we ask them a series of questions as each job is unique to the client and completely customizable. read more >>

LED digital signage has many multifarious applications and is available in many different types to suit requirements small or large, simple or complex. read more >>

There are a lot of different ways that you can start to get the word out about your business. However, the beginning of your marketing campaign for any business can always come in the form of custom metal logo signs. read more >>

Aluminum has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that decorative features built with it are durable without weighing heavily on the structure of the building. Because of its strength, it can also… read more >>

We love the way First Baptist is using spatial branding to give people a sense of community and mission. read more >>

These bright and colorful displays are just right for sharing information about your business such as business hours, current promotions and more. read more >>

Many monument signs are static, one-dimensional instructional signs that direct people to a place of business. While they may be visible in the daylight hours, they don’t stand out — and they’re barely visible at all at night. read more >>

While digital outdoor signs are in some ways more important, as they attract vehicular traffic and pedestrians, there are a variety of uses for digital signage inside your business as well. read more >>

The light-emitting diode (LED) is a very different kind of light in comparison to a lot of other lighting sources. While incandescent lights produce light by heating a wire filament to such a high temperature that it glows, LEDs… read more >>

While concentrating on setting up a business and putting systems in place, there is also the requirement to become locally visible. read more >>

They are fairly economical to install and retain their longevity. Best of all, neon signage can focus on an aspect of your business that… read more >>

Our digital signage solutions include design, project management, manufacturing, and installation of signage. Our turnkey services make us perfect for all your signage needs. read more >>

Your sign doesn’t just let people know where you are located; it also says something about your company’s personality. Your sign’s first impression can do one of three things… read more >>