You’re a local business owner that wants to stand out, but not sure how to. Neon sign boards might be the answer for you. They are fairly economical to install and retain their longevity. Best of all, neon signage can focus on an aspect of your business that potential customers will zone in on right away.

Get Noticed Fast
Neon signage is a smart strategy for businesses in general, but they are even more essential for new or small businesses. Because neon is so visible, you’ll get noticed quicker than a business that has regular signage.

Versatile to Shape
The biggest draw of neon is it’s easy to shape into a logo, a menu board, or whatever your business specializes in. This makes the shape and designs versatile, easy to mold, and reasonable in price. Having a neon board designed won’t hurt your budget.

Ideal for Nighttime
If you’re a new business that wants visibility at night, or you offer a 24-hour service, neon lighting ensures your signage is seen during the day and at night.

Lasts a Long Time
Quality-made neon sign boards last anywhere from 10 to 12 years, while traditional lighting might last a year, at best. Neon lighting is an asset to a business’s long term plans.

Setup Is Easy
After the design and manufacture of a neon sign board is complete, they are relatively easy to install, and they can be used everywhere, inside the store, or outside.

Attracts Customers
Neon sign boards are instilled in popular culture and were first incorporated by businesses in the 1950s. It’s memorable signature, shape, and brightness attracts the eye naturally, which can give your business an advantage.

Priced For Low Lifetime Cost
Contact us with your ideas and our team can help you create a sign that will help clearly convey your message while also staying within your budget!

Casco Signs offers turnkey signage solutions to local and national customers. We handle all the phases of your project; from inception, to design, manufacturing, and finally, full installation. Our technology is always evolving to serve you better. With top of the line flatbed digital printing systems, laser cutters, CNC machines, channel letter bender, pan embossed molded acrylic and polycarbonate faces, our commitment is to produce quality signage towards your business goals.

We also specialize in LED message centers for businesses of any kind. Call us at 704-788-9055 or email: and get in contact with a member of our sales team.