We are a family based company that focuses on family values, hard work, dedication, and responsibility to bring our customers industry leading customer service. We are currently hiring individuals for the following positions:

► Shipping & Warehouse Associate

A shipping/warehouse associate, is responsible for carrying out the logistics of receiving, processing, storing and sending inventory according to purchase orders and shipping schedules.

► Graphic Designer

A sign designer should be a creative individual with knowledge of manufacturing materials and processes. You’ll work individually and as a team produce unique sign concepts and generate schematics required for production.

► Sign Drafter

We are looking for an experienced draftsman to work with our creative team to convert designs into production-ready technical plans.

► Fabricator

A fabricator follows a schematic to cut, form and weld metal. The position requires attention to detail, ensuring that all parts are built, fitted, aligned and secured correctly.

► Assembly Technician

Assembly technician is a great place to begin your career in the sign industry. Working between the fabrication and installation departments will give you good insight into the entire sign building process and position you well for advancement in the company.

► Lead Assembly Technician

Lead Assembly technician is a supervisor level position. You’ll ensure that the assembly floor remains a smooth and efficient process by organizing projects and coaching employees. You’ll optimize day-to-day activities while minimizing the costs.

► Install Technician

Install technicians work in small teams to complete sign installations on jobsites covering a three state area. Individuals with a background in construction and/or electrical work are good candidates for a career in sign installation.

► Lead Install Technician

We are looking for well-qualified and experienced sign installers who are ready to move into a supervisory role. As a lead installer, you’ll oversee a small team to make sure jobs are completed correctly, efficiently and safely.

► Service Technician

A sign service technician needs to be experienced with many different types of signs and illumination methods. You will be required to safely disassemble, troubleshoot and repair electrical signage in the field.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please click the “Apply Now” button to get more information. When you have have clicked “Submit” on your completed application we will respond notifying you of its delivery. Expect to hear something back within 1-2 weeks. You are always welcome to come by our facility and drop the information off in person. If you have any questions about these positions, please feel free to call us or send us a message here or on Facebook.