Our Services

Casco Signs offers only signs of the highest quality. When you choose us, you are guaranteed the following services:

Project Management

Taking the burden off of the clientele, our Project Management team sees through every project from conception to completion. Every minuscule task associated with every project is managed and tended to. With over 30 years of experience, our project management team will ensure every project is completed on time and on budget with top-notch customer service.


Casco Signs has the best installation crews. We use top of the line equipment to install any job from LED digital signage to custom outdoor business signs. We do this to bring the best possible buying experience to our customers possible. We stay up to date with the industry safety standards and all licensing required. We handle all types of installs and if you need help with your install, call us today to schedule.


Design & Branding

Our team of branding specialists can assist you in every part of the branding process. It all starts with a design. Our art and graphics team can help you get started. The objective is to give you a consistent image you have confidence in to give you consistent business. That is our goal at Casco Signs.


Casco Signs has made it a priority to invest in people and equipment to give our customers a turnkey solution. We have a full time fabrication team, assembly team, graphics team, paint team, and quality control team that use the latest technology to provide our customers with products of the highest quality at the best possible prices. We can cut and weld just about any material plastic, aluminum, steel, wood, chloroplast, foam board, gator board, fabrics, granite, fiber glass, plexiglass, etc. All electric signs like our LED digital signage are manufactured with UL approved products.

Large Format Printing

No matter the size of your printing project we are here to help design, manage, manufacture, and install any of your large format printing needs. We use the latest in printing and finishing technology to provide our customer with the best products and service. Depending on order size, you can get orders in as fast as the same day. Through constant testing and review, we can guarantee your specific colors. A consistent image is just as important to us as it is to you. Let us help you paint your canvas.

Sign Services

We have a fully dedicated team of individuals that stay up to date with current signage technology to bring you the most advanced service team for all types of signage like LED digital signs or custom outdoor business signs.

Casco Signs understands that there will be times that your sign(s) will need repaired and maintained. We have set up a dedicated team to handle those needs. This team consists of a group of talented individuals who will ensure that any issue you are having gets taken care of in a prompt manner.

Service rates start as low as $105/hr plus parts. (Prices may vary depending on the supplier you use – Casco Signs or third-party vendor)

Hydro-Excavation Services

Casco Signs offers many types of excavation services. We recently invested in equipment to perform hydo-excavation which is needed around under ground utilities. This provides us with safer digging practices for our employees and limits the risk for additional cost for repairs when your sign is close to utility lines. Click the button below to find out how we can help you with this!

Safety & Satisfaction Standards

At Casco Signs, we are determined on doing things the right way and this includes ensuring safety for the signs we manufacture for you – our customers. It is our goal to do everything by the book and it’s also the reason why we have a UL Certification.

To meet your standards and preferences, we work closely with you. We have an installation team that is highly competent and up to date with safety equipment knowledge. Our trucks undergo weekly and monthly maintenance schedules as well. We take completion photos and ask for our clients’ signatures to verify a successful installation after every job.