Reasons to Upgrade to an LED Monument Sign

led monument signsMany monument signs are static, one-dimensional instructional signs that direct people to a place of business. While they may be visible in the daylight hours, they don’t stand out — and they’re barely visible at all at night, even if you surround them with spotlights. If you have an unlit monument sign leading to your company, consider replacing it with an LED version.

Visible All Night and Day

The biggest advantage of LED monument signs is that they’re self-lit and they’re visible all night and day. Even if you’re not open at night, it’s worth catching the eye of people who pass by so they can remember where your business is and come back the next day. Plus, it gets darker earlier during the winter months and it’s possible it’ll be dark even if you close at five. Don’t miss out on customers who can’t find the place because of a poorly-lit sign. (If you’re interested in LED signs, we also offer LED Message Boards)


An LED sign is far more likely to catch a person’s eye than a dull, unlit sign. Since your company’s sign is often the first thing a person sees, especially if it’s located in an area where foot traffic is low and most customers come by vehicle, it’s worth investing a bit more in every possible advantage.

Looks Great in Photos

When advertising your business or creating a website, the more dynamic the photos of your store and storefront, the more impact your ads will have. A picture of an LED sign at night not only looks great, it conveys a lot about your company in a single image: the name, the colors associated with your business, and oftentimes the logo.

Call Casco Signs to learn more about our available styles of outdoor signs both with LED and without. Signs are often the first introduction passersby have of your business. Make that first impression count. Update or replace your monument sign today by calling (704) 467-8525 or visiting

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