Signage is an essential part to every business. With the variety of sign options, from LED digital signage to custom metal logo signs, every company can find the right way to display their brand. Acrylic signage is elegant and professional looking and enhances your business’ displays. Durable, lightweight thermoplastic works as a good substitute for glass, which is much more fragile. Acrylic is also more lightweight and slightly more flexible. These are just a few reasons why acrylic signage can be a great addition to your business, but you have to make a decision between clear and frosted acrylic. Below, we’ve outlined exactly what each is and discussed a few of the aspects that differentiate them.

Clear Acrylic

This finish on acrylic signage makes for a great glass substitute. Various printing methods can produce different affects for clear acrylic signs. If an image is printed on the front side, it will appear with a matte finish and will have a slight texture. Any area where the print is located will affect the transparency of the acrylic to varying degrees depending on the opacity of the color. The downside to this printing process is that printing on the front exposes the image to scratching.

The other common method of printing is called second surface printing. This is when the image or design is printed on the back of the acrylic. Since acrylic is clear, the image will show through to the front. This method gives the image a glossy finish and adds depth depending on how thickness of the acrylic. Since the image is on the opposite side, this protects the design from scratching.

Frosted Acrylic

Frosted acrylic finish is similarly durable and lightweight, but where it differs is its transparency. The term “frosted” comes from the comparison that this finish looks similar to a window that is frosty. This makes the surface not completely transparent, but not completely opaque either. Frosted acrylic is great option to add dimension to office spaces or businesses as it diffuses light very nicely. It also works well for signs that are meant to be used as partitions because of the limited transparency of the product.

Whatever signage choices you make, our sign company can help you produce a beautiful end product. Whether you want an acrylic sign, LED digital signage, or another variety, you can turn to the professionals at