Erin Doerflinger is the Communications Director at First Baptist Charlotte. She has taken the Church’s outreach focused 301 campaign and brought it into the building. Environmental branding at First Baptist goes beyond wayfinding and directly to the mission of the Church.

“A few years ago, we started a campaign called “301” which focuses on reaching the people living around our campus in Uptown. Each number reinforces our mission: 3 represents those living within our 3 mile radius; 0 represents the fact that we are fully dependent on God and can accomplish nothing without him; 1 reminds us that we reach one person at a time, one family at a time. 301 is also our address here on South Davidson Street.”

Environmental Branding:

A multi-disciplinary approach to expressing the visual and emotional aspects of a brand in a physical space.

We love the way First Baptist is using spatial branding to give people a sense of community and mission. Their #ForUptown messaging tells people who come in from the surrounding neighborhood that this is a space where they will find belonging. The large campus could be overwhelming but careful and consistent color choices combine with clear iconography to direct people to specific ministry areas. Even as you find your own place in the Church family you are constantly reminded that the mission is outside of the building.

First Baptist Charlotte's mission statement present in four canvas wrapped panels.

“I prefer to avoid using stock photography when I can, so I’ve developed graphics that are flexible enough to use in different applications.

The mission statements are an example of graphic elements used to reinforce our values as a church.”

The mission statements of First Baptist Charlotte are displayed outside of the church office. Casco Signs printed the graphics directly onto canvas and then stretched them over custom built wood frames. This presentation adds subtle texture and depth to Erin’s designs.

Following the navy blue and coral colors will bring you to the children’s area.

Here, the palette opens up and letters break free of their baselines. Even the flat graphic shapes begin to break the plane of their walls. The modernist style that led you here blends easily into playful geometrics filled with youthful energy.

Casco Signs built out Erin’s vision for the children’s department with a combination of large format vinyl graphics and router-cut PVC. The result is durable with deep, vibrant colors.

Erin’s work for First Baptist Charlotte uses consistent color and typography to create recognition and communicate the mission of the organization. In a way, this is to similar how an identity guide might unify and direct the look and feel of a corporation. Environmental branding expands on that visual language. In the Church’s physical spaces, Erin’s use of patterns, materials and visual storytelling techniques makes the mission experiential. Those experiences move people to engage in a deeper way. The spiritual growth of the congregation is encouraged when the message is reinforced through smart design.

Visit Erin Doerflinger Designs to see more of her work.