Digital signs are a must for businesses because they’re dynamic, eye-catching, and have easy-to-update displays. While digital outdoor signs are in some ways more important, as they attract vehicular traffic and pedestrians, there are a variety of uses for digital signage inside your business as well.


Get turnkey digital signage for inside and outside your business with Casco Signs. One of the most popular uses for our indoor signage is to advertise sales. Draw attention to the products you want to highlight and corral customers into certain parts of your store by having them follow a digital trail of signs leading to the sale. Update the signs as often as you update your sales.

Highlight Products

Highlight products even when they’re not on sale by plastering images of the product, including the item in use, on digital signage throughout the store. These campaigns work best if you select between five and 10 products to highlight each week and rotate the products featured on screen every few minutes so customers see multiple highlighted items in a single trip.


Play your store’s commercials or other digital videos, like those explaining your company’s history or mission, throughout the store on digital signs. Moving videos draw the customer’s eye and gives them a chance to get to know your company better as they shop. When they learn about things with the videos like how you donate a portion of your proceeds to support local charities or how your foods are all organic, they’ll be more likely to buy more.

Contact a Casco Signs representative today to learn more about the types of digital signs available that will help draw people to your business. Whether you’re updating existing signs or you require brand-new signs for a fledgling business, we have the expertise and creativity to help make your visions of what your company’s signs could be a reality.