Institutional Signs


Casco Signs has been known as one of the best. When it comes to hospital signs, this is no exception. We’ve manufactured signs for big hospital chains including Atrium Heatlh and Novant Health. Some of the signs we’ve made include medical office door signs, emergency room signs, hospital wayfinding signs, and hospital door signs.


The pictures shown to the left are only a few of the school signs we built in our facility. Each one is powered by a LED message board where you can advertise any upcoming events, fundraisers and donations, or even to say a simple congratulations! Keep student body, faculty and visitors in the know with custom school signs and college signs!


When it comes to hotels, Casco Signs has a bunch of sign types that can help with this. Room number signs to identify the room you stay in, stairwell signs to identify what floor you are on, directory wayfinding signs for the hallways, no smoking signs, exit signs, and more!

Law Offices

Law firm office signage usually comprises of a clear sign on the front of the building and individual door signs. A top class firm will have signage that clearly indicates where those working in particular areas of the law can be found within the building. Attorney signs are often engraved giving a stylish and professional appearance to the office.


Museums can be confusing to visitors. Helping visitors find what they came for and to discover unexpected exhibits creates memorable experiences.

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