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BAck lit channel letters

These letters are fabricated with aluminum and by hand — designed so the face of the letter does not light but the back of the letters do.  This provides a halo-lighted design around each letter.  If you are worried that a face lit letter may be too over bearing for your location or type of business, this letter will be your solution.  It provides a soft amount of light that brings the attention you were expecting. Our letters have a 5 year LED warranty and are built to UL specifications.

Face Lit Channel letters

These letters are what you may see majority of time when thinking of channel letters.  These letters only light up on the face or front of the letter.  We offer the same five year warranty and a 10-year paint color life.  Extremely dependable and eye-catching design.  We design these to have tight tolerances to keep water, dirt and bugs to a minimum.  100,000 hours of LED life. Built to UL specifications.  

Face lit back lit channel letters

This letter is a combination of the letter styles above. This gives your sign the pop you have been looking for.  The colors may be the same or different from front to back.  For instance the face of the letter can light blue and the back white or vice versa.  Not color specific.  If you are looking to have letters that change colors with RGBs we can provide that as well.  Built to UL specifications.

Non-lit plate letters

You may not want lighted signs or you may have city code that does not allow have lighted signs.  Some businesses or corporations may only have business hours during the day and do not want lighted letters. Our non lit plate letters are made from 1/4″ aluminum plate.  Painted with AkzoNobel paints to provide great color for over 10 years with gloss finish.  We suggest due to the sun light and varying temperatures to only use aluminum outdoors and acrylics or plastics indoors.  From our experience plastics tend to warp and bend over time.  We never have issue with the aluminum. NO RUST ever. 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Wall signs

Wall signs can be of any shape.  Square, rectangular, round, or contoured to the shape of your logo like this one on the right.  We use only industry leading materials to provide a long lasting image.  Water resistant LEDs with amazing 5 year warranty. 10-year paint life with gloss finish. The sun does the most damage to your signs.  It is important to use products that are resistant to fading or yellowing.  Lower cost signage is more susceptible to fading and yellowing providing you with a product that last half the time it should.  Built to UL specifications.

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